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The official readings and musings of Laurel Anne Hill (author and former underground storage tank operator), as recorded in her wonderfully-cluttered bedroom closet. Visit her website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.

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Crescendo at St. Sulpice in Paris (by Laurel Anne Hill)

Welcome to my bedroom closet!  In 2002, my husband and I spent the month of November in Paris.  Our dream vacation.  I was still recovering from a severe illness when I attended worship services at St. Sulpice, a church nearby our rented apartment.  I experienced more than I had anticipated that Sunday morning, and "Crescendo," relates my true, inspirational (and award-winning) story. 

None of the music in my podcast came from the grand organ at St. Sulpice, but such music can be found through Google.  The introduction and closing music I used was graciously provided by Looperman at http://www.looperman.com. 

Warm regards,

Laurel Anne Hill (Author of "Heroes Arise")








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