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The Grave of Mario Bandini (by Laurel Anne Hill)

Welcome to my bedroom closet.

Have you ever noticed a patch of ground where nothing ever seems to grow?  My two teen characters, Howie and Frank, encounter such a place in my creepy new short story, "The Grave of Mario Bandini."  The inspiration for "The Grave of Mario Bandini" came from my friends Donna and Jon.  When I was eleven or twelve years old, my friend Donna speculated that a patch of wet earth (where nothing grew) near the local mortuary was really quicksand.  In 2009,  Jon Cory (author of "A Plague of Scoundrels") suggested I write a short story about a patch of soil where nothing grows.  I recalled what Donna had told me many years ago.

If you enjoy "The Grave of Mario Bandini," you may also like "Wings of Revenge," my non-typical vampire short story.  Go to http://www.horroraddicts.net, episode #33 podcast in January 2010.  Please note that "Wings of Revenge" and "The Grave of Mario Bandini" contain some profanity. 

Happy listening.

Laurel Anne Hill, author of "Heroes Arise" (http://www.laurelannehill.com)


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