Welcome to my Bedroom Closet (Laurel Anne Hill) : The Case of the Pillowcase Openings (by Laurel Anne Hill)

The official readings and musings of Laurel Anne Hill (author and former underground storage tank operator), as recorded in her wonderfully-cluttered bedroom closet. Visit her website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.

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The Case of the Pillowcase Openings (by Laurel Anne Hill)

Welcome to my bedroom closet!

Which way do you turn your bed pillows when you make your bed?  Do the pillowcase openings face inward toward the middle of the bed?  Outward toward the room?  To the left?  Or is placement totally random?  And might pillowcase placement enhance inspiration to write?

"The Case of the Pillowcase Openings" is my personal true story about such matters.  If you have a comment to contribute, please do so via the contact section of my website: http://www.laurelannehill.com.  I'll post the comments on this libsyn site myself.  (This reduces clutter from spam comments.)

Warm wishes,

Laurel Anne Hill  (Author and Former Underground Storage Tank Operator)

p.s.  Check out the "Rum and Runestones" pirates and magic anthology, now available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  "Rum and Runestones" (edited by Valerie Griswold-Ford) contains "Thar Be Magic," one of my short stories.

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