Welcome to my Bedroom Closet (Laurel Anne Hill) : My Bacteria are to Blame (by Laurel Anne Hill)

The official readings and musings of Laurel Anne Hill (author and former underground storage tank operator), as recorded in her wonderfully-cluttered bedroom closet. Visit her website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.

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My Bacteria are to Blame (by Laurel Anne Hill)

Welcome to my bedroom closet.

Ever wonder why some people gain weight easily and others don't?  According to some scientific studies, the bacteria living in our guts could play a role.  My essay, "My Bacteria are to Blame," takes a light-hearted look at bacteria and body weight.

Please enjoy a piece of chocolate while you listen.

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Laurel Anne Hill  (Author of "Heroes Arise") http://www.laurelannehill.com

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