Welcome to my Bedroom Closet (Laurel Anne Hill) : An Incomprehensible Force (Part 3 of 3) by Laurel Anne Hill

The official readings and musings of Laurel Anne Hill (author and former underground storage tank operator), as recorded in her wonderfully-cluttered bedroom closet. Visit her website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.

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An Incomprehensible Force (Part 3 of 3) by Laurel Anne Hill

Welcome to my bedroom closet!  Today, I'm reading the 21-minute conclusion to my short story and fantasy, "An Incomprehensible Force."

Sorcery toments Olga and has murdered her husband.  To survive black magic, she must return an enchanted, stolen brooch to its rightful owner, somewhere in France.  But who is the rightful owner?

Now an unknown man follows Olga through the streets of Paris at night.  Does he want the magic brooch?  What might he do to obtain it?  She fears for her life and enters the Paris sewer system to hide.

I hope you enjoy my story.  For more about my writing, including my award-winning novel, "Heroes Arise," visit my website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.


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