Welcome to my Bedroom Closet (Laurel Anne Hill) : "Flight of Destiny" (An Award-Winning Steampunk/Horror Short Story Podcast)

The official readings and musings of Laurel Anne Hill (author and former underground storage tank operator), as recorded in her wonderfully-cluttered bedroom closet. Visit her website at http://www.laurelannehill.com.

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Welcome to my bedroom closet.

Okay, I know what my website claims.  Laurel Anne Hill crafts stories with inspirational premises, right?  Worthiness is rewarded, right?  Yet many of my short stories these days lurk in shadows of the horror genre.  In fact, Horror Addicts (http://www.horroraddicts.net) named me “Most Wicked 2011″ for my entry, Flight of Destiny, in their Wicked Women Writers Challenge.  How can a gal who believes in worthiness be most wicked?

Worthiness has its reward.  Unworthiness does, too.

But wait, I’ve been known to inflict horror upon my characters who try to live decent lives, even let some of them lose their battles against evil.  How do I reconcile that disparity with my website statements?

Bad things happen to good people every day.  They misread situations.  They miscalculate their own abilities.  Sometimes, through no fault of their own, they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Encounters with “the dark” forces characters to find strength within their weaknesses or else succumb.

In other words, the power of love, honor, faith and duty really can surmount daunting obstacles and transform lives.  But sometimes such power fails, leaving characters to fend for themselves whatever way they can.

Flight of Destiny stirs steampunk, infidelity, jealously, and a radioactive poison into a delicious hot-pot of horror.  I hope you enjoy my story, which lasts approximately 33 minutes.

Warm wishes,

Laurel Anne Hill
(Author of HEROES ARISE)

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